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Cat Tree&Tunnel/

50in Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor


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23.60 x 18.90 x 50Inches
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50in Cat Tree

When researching cats behavior, we found that cats love elevation, cozy retreats, areas to groom, and items for recreation. That’s why our cat furniture caters to cats’ natural instincts and allows cats to enjoy these amenities, including nonstop fun and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for cat furniture with plenty of resting spots and hideouts for your sleepy kitty, or one full of balls and bells for a playful kitten, you’ll find the perfect for your needs.


The 50in Cat Tree offers multiple top-quality perching platforms and free cat litter box. Whether your kitten wants to stretch out on a spacious perch, curl up in a plush cave room, or release the urge to scratch on a sisal pole, this multi-purpose cat tree tower is perfect as a relaxation haven that can fill your fur baby’s day with fun and excitement! Gives them a unique way to play and have fun!

50in Cat Tree


Our cat tower is made of high-quality particle board with skin-friendly faux fur cover to keep your cat warm and cozy. You don’t have to worry about the cat tree accidentally tipping over or shaking. Give your cat the best protection! Perfect for regular kittens and cats.

50in Cat Tree

😽[Large Vertical Space]

The design of the cat tree allows him to take up very little floor space, saving floor space, but also provides a lot of vertical space, suitable for many cat-owning families with large vertical space, the well-designed cat jumping platform allows each cat to have its own piece of territory on a quiet and cozy afternoon, which is the secret of the indoor cat harmony of the modern cat tree.

50in Cat Tree

😽[Private Tree Cave, Sleeping with Peace of Mind]

Cats like to feel safe and secure. This cat tree provides two different luxury apartments for big cats. The cats tree is spacious and cozy with soft fabric covering. one of them has two doors for easy access and the other one has one door where cats may ride in a more secluded and secure way. The cats tower is designed to fully take care of cats’ different personalities.

50in Cat Tree


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