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Best dog beds pet sofa, with Wooden Structure

Price: $130.70

Item Code: WF282000AAA
Product Name:30″ Brown Round Pet Sofa
Main Material:Linen
【Dual Function Design】
【Wooden Structure & Linen Goods】
【Anti-slip Bottom】
【Easy Care】

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The best dog beds have white roller lines. on the edges and a dual-function cushion design. In addition, that promotes comfort and security for pets extremely. This best dog beds curved pet sofa provides soft cushion support as well as a so cozy nestling and burrowing space for your pets. It is a beautiful pet sofa. when the cushion is folded up, and it will be a wonderful pet bed when the cushion is unfolded.

best dog beds

Wooden Structure & Linen Goods

Curved high back is manufactured with wood .in addition, linen goods to offer premium using experience for dogs and cats. Solid wooden back ensures pets can enjoy a stable and comfort place while sleeping. The solid wooden back is upholstered. with linen goods to make sure soft touch feeling. One of the features of linen goods is anti-scratch, it’s a crucial factor to a pet furniture. The materials used in this pet sofa can offer durability for pet furniture.

Anti-slip Bottom

In order to guarantee the stability of this pet sofa during the usage. non-woven fabrics and plastic foot pads are manufactured on bottom. Soft non-woven fabrics can protect your floor.and plastic foot pads won’t hurt the floor as well. In addition.There are three foot pads distributed on bottom. they are located at lower-left, top-center, lower-right of the bottom. if you make the bottom face you. Not suitable for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior.

Two Colors & Dimensions

Considering the different needs from customers.this pet sofa was released in two colors, gray and brown.

The two colors pet sofa both have white roller lines. In addition,The combinations of the colors represent elegant and warm. that brings happiness atmosphere to your home. The width of the gray pet sofa and the small brown one is 29.7”, the height of them is 12.2”, and the depth of the unfolded cushion is 25”. And there is a big brown pet sofa at the same time. The width of the big brown one is 35”, the height of it is 16.3”, and the depth of the unfolded cushion is 30.4”.

Easy Care

The folding cushion of this. pet sofa has a zipper to allow user wash the cover of the cushion by machine. In addition, it’s unnecessary to worry about how to keep the pet sofa clean. Your pet can enjoy the clean and comfortable sofa or bed in your house.

best dog beds


With white roller lines on the edges.this elegant pet sofa offer a comfortable nestling for your dogs and cats.

The shape of a circular arc. shows a beautiful appearance brings a graceful and warm atmosphere to your home. In addition,The folding cushion of this pet sofa allow user change the function according to different scenario.

This pet sofa could be a pet bed as long as you unfolded the cushion. For stability and durability of usage. This pet sofa is made of wooden frame and linen goods. and the linen good is anti-scratch. the bottom has plastic foot pads.

Gray and brown color options offer more choice for you. And you can choose different dimensions. according to the size of your pet’s body.


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