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Cat Tree&Tunnel/Beds & Mats/

cat scratching furniture Scratching Infinity Shape, Curved

Price: $59.99

Item Code:W113458263
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:Brown
Main Material:Solid Wood
Assembled Length (in.):34.00
Assembled Width (in.):10.50
Assembled Height (in.):10.50
SKU: W113458263 Categories: ,
durable and materials

our cat scratching furniture are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard. Besides, it contains a high-density five-layer corrugated paper that confirm durability further, is therefore difficult to be torn by cats. All materials are tested using international safety standards.

Unique design

cat scratching furniture boards with wave design lets the cat scratch further lounge on it comfortably. Besides, the attractive scratch board design blends easily with home décor further can be placed anywhere in the room.

Tip: If your cat is not interested in the scratcher. Besides, some snacks and toys to guide them to the board.

Dimension: 32×10.5×10.5 inches
Weight: 5.30 Pounds

Prevents Furniture Damage

A cat scratcher offers your cats an acceptable place to scratch further without leaving you with damaged furniture. Besides,You can keep your feline occupied for hours with this durable and safe cat scratcher cardboard.

Rest And Play

Curve-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher is a perfect place for rest & play. Besides, apart from scratching it, further cats can treat it like bed and lie on it.

Satisfies Scratching Instinct

Scratch Board satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instinct. It is fits cats of all sizes and breeds. Besides, Thís is a very good stress relief that will improve your cat’s overall health and balance.

Recycled Material

Our Scratch Pads made from 100% recycled cardboard. Besides, five layers of corrugated paper as a pressed unit, further put together with strong glue bond to ensure the durability.


cat scratching furniture


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