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Cat tents for indoors small Pets, Green

Price: $59.03

Item Code: W97960458
Product Type: General Item
Main Color: Retro Green
Main Material: Solid Wood
Assembled Length (in.):22.50
Assembled Width (in.):23.60
Assembled Height (in.):24.60
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Made from dry, breathable fabric and quality pine wood, this Cat tents for indoors is suitable for indoor use. Easy to clean and not easy to stick hair.

It is a cat tents for indoors, a hammock, and a home for pets.

The tent has a large space and is suitable for cats or dogs under 20lbs.

There are Velcro around the frame to make it more secure.

There are anti-skid pads at the bottom of the tent, which can protect the floor and prevent slipping.

The cat tent is hand washable as well as machine washable. Very easy. Be careful not to wash with detergents containing bleach.

Give your furry friend the soft comfort, support, and protection of the cat tents. The Enclosed Cat Bed aims to cradle your pet, providing maximum privacy and comfortable security for your cat, kitten, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, hedgehog or puppy.

cat tents for indoors


This cat cave is designed to cradle your pet to achieve maximum privacy and soothing security for cats, kittens, rabbits, ferrets, or small dogs. The puppy bed is sure to easily blend into most home décor.


The stylish and charming cat tent delivers a pleasant and snug place for your pet to relax indoors. The bunny bed’s plush fabric is designed to stay warmer, providing superior coziness for your furry friend.


This guinea pig bed offers a comforting enclosed space, pleasing all small animals who instinctively love wedging into little places to rest. The cat bed cave also appeals to animals that enjoy rolling playfully in boxes or cubbyholes.


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