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Cat Tree&Tunnel/

cat trees for large cats Multi-Level Cat Furniture Condo

Price: $142.10

Item Code:W1303103106
Product Type:General Item
Product Name:Cat Climbing Frame
Place of Origin:China
Main Color:Antique Gray
Main Material:Altay Velvet

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This cat trees for large cats features a staircase-like layout with multiple levels, making cat trees for large cats suitable for both young and old cats.

【Multiple-use Cat House】

There is a specially designed, multi-layer structure for cats to scratch, climb, sleep, and exercise.

It features three perches for easy jumping, two cozy fluffy hammocks for stretching.

Furthermore,sisal-wrapped scratching posts with hanging play balls, and a spacious condo for luxurious napping.

Furthermore, two ladders are added to enhance the play scene for your lovely cats.

【Sturdy and Stable 】

Stability is always the top priority.

Furthermore,the bottom base of the cat tree is reinforced to guarantee the stability of the entire structure, and anti-toppling fittings are included to provide double security.

This ensures that the entire cat tree is sturdier and more durable.

【Pet-friendly Materials】

Crafted from pet-safe manufactured wood and covered with soft plush fabric.

Furthermore,This tall cat tree tower offers a secure living and play space for your beloved pets.

【Easy to Assemble】

Our Cat Tree comes with detailed graphic instructions for effortless installation.

Allowing you to set it up in just a few minutes! You can rest assured that assembling our cat condo will be a breeze!

cat trees for large cats


The ultimate all-in-one spot for your kitty to do all the things they love, from lounging to leaping to honing their expert hunting skills.Carefully placed dangling toys give kitty the thrill of the hunt as they bat them back and forth. Further, toys are designed to release with excess pressure to make sure kitty is extra safe while playing. 

With enticing scratching posts and a scratch board ramp. several cats can claw at once, so it’s great for multi-cat households.


Private kitty apartment with soft, plush fabric covering provides a quiet spot to curl up for snoozing. plus it’s great for face rubbing and nuzzling.


Furthermore,products are crafted to deliver more happy moments together—from enticing cat condos to adorable apparel, to stimulating toys. Designed, tested and approved by the pet experts.



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