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Classic Portable Capsule Cat Bag


Main Color:Brown
Main Material:900D
Product Dimensions(L×W×H):34”*28”*37.5”
Weight (lbs.):1.985
Transportation: Ship from U.S., it take about 7-15 days to reach your address.
Sale price: The price includes all expense and tax. The above price is the shipping fee corresponding to the US shipment, and other places should find customer service consultation.

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The Classic Portable Capsule Cat Bag, the ultimate solution for stylish and convenient transportation of your feline friend!

Made from high-quality polyester material, this cat bag is not only durable but also lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort for both you and your beloved pet. The medium to hard hardness provides a sturdy structure, ensuring the safety and security of your cat during travel.

The innovative design of the Classic Portable Capsule Cat Bag features a unique capsule shape, providing your cat with a cozy and secure space. The transparent window allows your furry companion to enjoy the surroundings while staying protected from external elements. This bag is designed with ventilation holes, ensuring proper airflow and preventing your cat from feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

Not only is this cat bag practical and functional, but it also exudes a stylish charm. Its classic design and sleek finish make it a fashionable accessory for cat owners on the go. Whether you’re heading to the vet, embarking on a road trip, or simply taking a stroll, this cat bag is the perfect companion.

With the Classic Portable Capsule Cat Bag, you can confidently transport your cat in style and comfort. So, why wait? Get yours today and make every journey a delightful experience for you and your furry friend!

If you have any more questions or need further information, feel free to ask. Happy travels with your cat!


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