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diy dog gate 200″ Adjustable Gate 8 Panels Yard Metal Doorways

Price: $122.97

Item Code:W112978732
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:Black
Main Material:Steel
Assembled Length (in.):Not Applicable
Assembled Width (in.):199.60
Assembled Height (in.):29.00

diy dog gate Keep your pet safe and secure in this play yard. This versatile diy dog gate can act as an extra-wide.

gate, a barrier around fireplaces, stoves, Christmas trees or as a freestanding play yard, etc. Adjustable, rotating joints allow you to shape it countless different ways. The all-steel frame construction provides strength and support that you can trust to make a prohibited area using this fence

Pet Playpen

The 8-panel gate can be used as pet playpen, ideal for in-home use as well as outside in your yard. Works great as a puppy playpen or as an exercise area for non-climbing small animals including Rabbits, Ducks, Turtles & Guinea Pigs.

Play Yard

Flexible and solid construction make this a great option for creating room dividers. You can use this fence to divide a larger room into a play area for kids or pets and other space that separating dogs.

Christmas Tree Fence

Keep your small child away from the Christmas tree and presents with this gate around, so you don’t have to worry about all the dangers that a tree could present (ornaments being eaten, pulling the tree over).

Fireplace Fence

It also work well to enclose fireplace, grill, wood burning stoves, etc. You can rest assured that your kids are safe with this super wide gate blocking off danger area. Easy to move unwanted panels if it is too long.


diy dog gate


Each panel can pivot well over 270 degrees so you can make it into an octagon/circle, square, or a rectangle, L- shape, or a triangle! It can be infinitely extended with extension panels to span extra wide areas, or remove unwanted panels. Folds flat for storage


1. Pet Gate – It can be used as a freestanding pet gate when you set it up as a circular enclosure; 2. Safety Fence – Suitable to use around fireplaces, grills, wood burning stoves, Christmas tree, etc.3. Play yard: Set up sectioned off areas in your home for your toddlers or pets; 4. Barrier: Solid construction make this a great option for creating room dividers; 5. Baby Gate – Great for wide spaces, angled openings, hallway, doorway or bottom of stairs


The reinforced steel frame construction with a nice powder coated finish provides strength and support to keep your child safe in the play area. Come with 4 packs of wall mounting hardware for added security


The entry door (17.5″ x 28″) is built with a child-proof double-locking system and it is very easy to open even with one hand, press down the button and lift the gate at the same time to open. The gate swing in both ways

Construted of strong steel slat and Food Grade Plastic for maximum stability and Safety.

The gate has a walk through door that swings back and locks in place, and it has a feature that will keep it open when swung past 90 degree. It is also quiet when closing on its own. No loud clanging. The gate swings in both directions.


Fits opens up to 188 inches wide and it stands at 29 inches high. The spaces between the bars are small at only 2 1/4in gap. There is only vertical slats to prevent kids from climbing over and out.

diy dog gate


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