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Pet Hair Dryer Box Ultra Quiet 6L Capacity

Price: $299.09

Item Code:W1134106229
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:White
Main Material:Stainless Steel
Assembled Length (in.):22.00
Assembled Width (in.):19.00
Assembled Height (in.):21.00
SKU: W1134106229 Category:

With pet hair dryer, no longer worry about pet hair flying, no longer worry about water splashing, no longer worry about the need to catch pets everywhere. This pet hair dryer keeps the hair inside the box, convenient to clean which makes the drying pet’s hair progress no longer a difficult task.

😸360° Infinitely Fresh Air

A powerful wind blows from the bottom to promptly dry the pet’s abdominal area. Circulating air system simulates natural wind so that 20% of the wind is circulated inside, while the remaining 80% is blown outside, increasing the oxygen concentration of the cabin and allowing pets to dry comfortably.

😸40dB Low-noise Drying

In comparison to the resistance and anxiety caused by the loud noise of a hand-held dryer, our hair dryer with a bladeless fan is an excellent solution for comforting timid and sensitive pets like cats. With a low noise level of 40dB, pets enjoy the warm airflow till they fall asleep.

😸Intelligent Control Panel

Touch to customize the temperature and drying time. We offer suggested cabin temperatures to adapt various outside temperatures to maximize comfort. In addition, 3W lights are available for use at night. Making it convenient to dry your pet throughout the year and from morning to night.

😸60L Large Capacity

Our pet dryer can accommodate 2 cats weighing less than 11 lbs each or 1 dog weighing less than 22 lbs. The large room helps to lessen pet anxiety and fear. Adopting innovative curved surface design to protect pets and parents from injury. Dryer dimension (inches): 16L*19W*16H

😸Easy to Clean and Assemble

The dryer box contains a detachable drainage plate and a filter with sponge, making it easier to collect and clean up pet excrement and hair. We offer 12 months warranty and 100% satisfied customer service, please contact us at any time if needed. Kitplus Pet Hair Dryer Box, Ultra Quiet Blow Dryer 6L Capacity for Cats and Small Dogs, Professional Fast Drying Blower, Intelligent Control, Adjustable Temperature and Time, 360 Degree Warm Wind

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