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pet toys Dinosaur Tough Dog Chew Toy Set of 2

Price: $45.07

Item Code:B03599626

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Main Color:Orange

Assembled Length (in.):3.15
Assembled Width (in.):4.33

Assembled Height (in.):4.53

  • Set of 2 Dog Chew Toys Dinosaur are made of durable natural rubber, non-toxic and safe
  • Dinosaurs super chewer dog toys have fun textures to keep their teeth and gums healthy by providing a surface for them to chew on, also helps to release dog’s excess energy, and reduces boredom
  • Rubber dog toy is interactive for fun indoor play and also to naturally train their teeth; keeping dogs busy can also solve their anxiety
  • 2 Set of puppy chew toys for teething SIZE: 3″W x 3.5″L x 4.25″H (2)
  • These chew toys are easy to clean: Just rinse with warm water and pat dry
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pet toys dispensing dog toys are made of durable nature rubber. Additionally, this puppy chew toys ‘coating are easy to clean with water.

Chewing provides mental stimulation and desires of a dog’s natural needs, also, helps to release dog’s excess energy, besides,and reduces boredom.

Keeping dogs busy can also solve their anxiety. Toy helps keep your dog’s teeth clean while he plays. These toys are the certainly ultimate, durable dental toy for your pet. Especially, they are specifically designed to help freshen breath, stimulate gums.

Furthermore, these adorable and beneficial toys are sure to keep your pup busy for hours while the baking soda infused rubber body works to gently clean and freshen their teeth.

pet toys

  • Designed to help freshen breath, stimulate gums, and reduce tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Made from extremely durable rubber to withstand even the most aggressive of chewers.
  • Fun shapes keep your pup enticed and distracted for hours on end.
  • Easily redirect unwanted chewing into positive playtime.
  • Baking soda infused for easy dental care, all while your furry friend plays.


Natural rubber

for dogs has a textured surface and a thick rubber core for aggressive chewers.

no indestructible

There are no indestructible dog chew toys, but this durable dog toys last for long-term use.


This tough dog toys increase dog’s chewing power and interaction with you.

help them train their teeth, improve their intelligence, and reduce damage to furniture or shoes.

100% Non-toxic

natural rubber dog chew toy is very safe for dogs to interactive.


Just rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Pet toys should always be inspected regularly as any rips or tears can injure your pet.

Damaged product should be taken away from your pet and disposed of immediately.

Ensure the toy you select is appropriately sized for your dog.


pet toys


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