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Square Plush Kennel


Main Material:Short plush + High elastic PP cotton
Transportation: Ship from U.S., it take about 7-15 days to reach your address.
Sale price: The price includes all expense and tax. The above price is the shipping fee corresponding to the US shipment, and other places should find customer service consultation.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color Black, Coffee, Red-black, Blue-gray
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Product Name Description
Square Stuffed Cat Litter The Square Stuffed Cat Litter is the perfect accessory for your feline friend. Made with high-quality materials, including short plush and high elastic PP cotton, it offers a soft and comfortable surface for your cat to rest on. Available in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL, you can choose the size that best fits your cat’s needs. The litter comes in four stylish colors: black, coffee, red-black, and blue-gray, allowing you to match it with your home decor.
Color Black, Coffee Red-black Blue-gray
Material  Short plush + High elastic PP cotton

One of the standout features of this cat litter is its fast-drying sleeping pad. This pad ensures that the litter remains dry, preventing any dampness or mold from occurring. It also has bacteriostatic properties that effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, keeping your cat’s sleeping area clean and hygienic.

Investing in the Square Stuffed Cat Litter not only provides your cat with a comfortable resting spot but also contributes to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Give your furry friend the luxury they deserve with this top-notch cat litter! 

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