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Cat scratching boards and climbing frames are important for cats!

Cat climbing frames and cat scratching boards serve different purposes for cats:The cat scratching board solves the cat’s need to sharpen its claws and save the pooper scooper’s furniture; the cat climbing frame solves the cat’s need to have fun in life.
It is recommended to try to prepare both for your cat. A cat scratching board is a must, while a cat climbing frame is best to have.

Cat scratching

The Importance of Cat Scratching Board
Scratching is in the nature of cats. In their natural environment, cats will often scratch tree trunks for several purposes:
To leave scratch marks on tree trunks and to send a visual message to other cats that “this territory is mine”;
Cats have glands on their paws that secrete pheromones, which are left on the trunk when they scratch it, and can also tell other cats that “this is my territory” through odor;
Rough tree trunks can help cats sharpen their claws, wear away old cuticles and keep their claws sharp.
Cats will seek out trunk-like objects in the home to leave scratches, pheromones and sharpen claws. The most common include couch legs and table and chair legs.

Cat scratching

To prevent cats from scratching furniture, we need to have cat scratching boards.

A good cat scratching board needs to have the following characteristics:
Sturdy and structurally stable, so it won’t be easily knocked over when the cat leans on it;
Choose the right material, such as sisal, higher density corrugated paper, etc., to mimic a tree trunk, and the rougher the feel of the surface, the better;
Be long/high enough for the cat to stretch its body out completely.

Cat scratching

Importance of the cat climbing frame
The role of the cat climbing frame is to give the cat a sense of control by monitoring the surrounding area in real time, so as to give the cat a sense of security.
Climbing frames need to have the following characteristics:
1, a certain height, can occupy the height of the indoor environment is the best. Cats like to occupy the high point, can better grasp the surrounding environment and movement, so that they get a sense of security.
2. The top of the climbing frame should have enough space. The space should allow the cat to fully stretch itself.
3, A hammock-like component on the climbing frame can make the cat feel more secure. Cats have a feeling of being wrapped all over when they sleep in a hammock, and they love it.

Cat scratching



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