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Choose to have a dog or a cat?

I believe that you are still very torn between the choice of raising a cat or a dog, and do not know which is better. In fact, raising cats and dogs have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first is the hygiene problem, if you choose to keep a dog, then your dog’s daily defecation is a big, tricky problem, because the nature of the dog is relatively unrestrained, it is likely to urinate and defecate anywhere, in the dog’s habits, which is a symbol of protection of territory, here. And dogs poop more, with a huge stench. But having a cat is different, generally speaking, because the cat itself is very clean, it knows to urinate and defecate inside a fixed litter, you only need to go out every day with the garbage and throw it away, so domesticated cats can take a bath once a month.

The second is the amount of exercise, the dog is unusually energetic, so the owner of the dog needs to go out every day to walk the dog, and basically more than half an hour, especially like the husky kind of larger canines, if the amount of outdoor exercise is not enough, then it is enough to have enough energy left over to take the home are demolished. Cats are much more docile, and as long as you play with it occasionally, it can stay out of the house and be very worry-free.

The third is the hair loss problem that we are very concerned about. In fact, on this issue, cats and dogs are similar, both have a very serious hair loss problem. Especially large dogs in the change of season when a lot of hair loss, a big handful. For cats, if it is a long-haired cat, compared to short-haired cats, it is more serious than short-haired cats in terms of hair loss, and it will stick to the clothes all over the cat hair. However, whether it is a cat or a dog, there will be a very serious hair loss problem, as the owner still have to take care of it regularly.

All in all, having a cat or a dog have their own good and bad, it still depends on your own preferences, depending on your personality and habits more suitable for which one. But no matter whether you have a cat or a dog, since you have chosen to raise, as the owner must be responsible for the end.



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