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How to train your cat to use a cat climbing frame

Many cat friends will buy a cat climbing frame for their cat owners at home to sharpen their claws, but they often encounter the dilemma that the cat refuses to use the cat climbing frame. In fact, cats can also be trained by using cat climbing frames.

Grinding is a cat’s habit, so it is impossible to get him to stop. For a kitten, claws are its most powerful weapon, so they must be constantly worn off to make them sharp. In addition, grinding the claw is also to show their power and increase the smell. Cats have odor glands on the inside of their front feet, so they sharpen their claws to leave their scent. Sharpening claws is the hardest thing to do in cat training. This should be done before the cat begins to scratch at the furniture.

Cats have the habit of scratching immediately after waking up, and like to scratch on objects around the cat’s nest to move and relax the front legs and PAWS. Therefore, when training its scratching behavior, the board or wooden post should be placed near the cat’s nest as much as possible. As the cat grows older, the size of the wooden post or board should be appropriately increased, and then the wooden post or board can be fixed on the wall near the cat’s nest.

First of all, we must prepare a special claw sharpening tool. Although there are many kinds sold on the market, it is also very good to do it yourself. First place a thick wooden post about 70 cm long and 20 cm diameter or a board about 37 cm long and 20 cm wide near the cat’s nest. It can be placed horizontally at first, so that the cat can easily climb up and down on it, so that the cat can find the part that it is willing to scratch.

If the cat does not scratch, the owner can gently stroke the cat’s head with his hand, and press down on its head, forcing it to scratch the wooden column or board, but the action must be light. After the cat scratches the wooden post or board, the secretion of the glands on its feet will be smeated on the wooden post or board, and attracted by the smell of its own secretion, it will scratch on the wooden post or board.



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