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Is it right to shave your dog in the summer heat?

As soon as the summer is over, everyone will feel the weather is hot and dry, moody, short-sleeved undershirts and pants are also on the line. Dogs are also breathless lying on the ground and spitting out their tongues, look down and see themselves dressed so cool, is it not to the dog can also shave off the hair to let the dog cool off and cool off? In fact, this idea is wrong.

1. Dog hair defense ultraviolet rays

Summer heat to shave off the dog hair right? The ultraviolet rays in the mountains or snow are particularly strong, so the dogs native to these places, such as a variety of sled dogs, mountain dogs, their hair have the function of defense against ultraviolet rays. Shaving in the summer, on the contrary, will make the dog’s skin directly exposed to ultraviolet rays, in the hot afternoon, direct sunlight, will make the dog’s body surface temperature rises 2-4 degrees quickly, and there is a high probability of causing burns, or even heat stroke.

2. Constant temperature

Is it right to shave off the dog’s hair in the summer heat? The dog’s hair has a certain isolation of the outside world temperature, to maintain their own body temperature function, so there is a hair instead of so hot, the middle of the night on the floor when sleeping is not so easy to catch a cold.

3. Dogs have different ways to dissipate heat

Is it right to shave off your dog’s hair in the summer heat? Dogs rely on the tongue and foot pads to dissipate heat, drink more water, and regularly shave the bottom of the feet, which is much more effective than shaving bald. Humans feel hot to take off a piece of clothing, the wind blowing quite cool because there are sweat glands on the human skin, can be dissipated through sweating, but the dog’s skin is almost no sweat glands exist, shaving the hair on the heat does not help. So shaving your dog not only can’t protect it from the sun and heat, but may also cause a variety of problems.

Problem one: easily infected skin inflammation

After the dog was shaved skin, the loss of the outermost layer of protection, summer not only can not prevent the heat, but more susceptible to UV damage. The skin is directly exposed to the air, the dog is easy to itch and allergy under the influence of dust, pollen, insects and mosquitoes. Dogs feel itchy, they will scratch with their paws, dog skin is often scratched. The wound is easily inflamed fungus.

Problem 2: damage to hair follicles

Is it right to shave off the dog’s hair in the summer heat? If the owner shaves the dog, there is no pet-specific pusher for the groomer and no skillful technique. It is easy to damage the hair follicles of the dog, so that the dog’s newly grown hair will lose its luster and be unhealthy.

Problem 3: Prone to depression

This situation exists in many dogs, because after being shaved or shaved, it is very uncomfortable to see their own appearance, which will produce a strong sense of inferiority and outbreak of dog depression. Common features are loss of appetite, unwillingness to go out, aggressiveness; some dogs will have skin allergies and different degrees of skin ulcers.

Summer is the season of high incidence of pet skin disease, even shaving should be left 2~3 cm, if shaved then the pet will feel uncomfortable and scratch, triggering skin disease.



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