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cat scratch toy Vintage Vase-shaped with 3 Feather Toys

Price: $59.98

Item Code:W97958442
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:Grass Green
Main Material:MDF
Assembled Length (in.):11.80
Assembled Width (in.):11.80
Assembled Height (in.):16.50
Weight (lbs.):3.50
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2-in-1 vase-shaped cat scratch toy

Some say it’s definitely a unique and fresh design as a vase look. Quality sisal and coming with three fishing rod interactive cat scratch toy make kittens love it! On the other hand, it can be a real vase that holds fake flowers with short stems as a decoration.

In durable sisal material, it offers the perfect surface for your pet to sharpen its claws.

This post is a convenient, space-efficient size. It can easily fit in most compact areas around your house.

Three fishing rod interactive cat toys can put inside the post. Also, can be used independently. It will be a great time for you to have fun with your cat.

Our cat scratching post also as a vase. It is very practical.

cat scratch toy


Practical cat toy set, fully extended cat rod can cover a lot of space to play. will help your Indoor cats to flip, jump, chase. let the cat exercise more and be energetic.


This set of Interactive feather wand cat toys is the perfect gift for pet lovers to bring more health and fun to your cat. hanging interactive cats’ toy can add catnip, the effect is even better.


Cat wand toys for indoor cats constructed from natural feathers and highly flexible rods. These materials are very durable and sturdy for your cat.


playing interactive cat toys, please don’t let cats play with these toys alone. It is recommended to supervise your cat throughout the whole process. avoid biting the rope and cat stick toy accessories. please keep these toys in a safe place.


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