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medium dog crate Enhanced Double Door Divider Pane dog crate

Price: $196.18

Item Code:W20658496

Main Color:Black
Main Material:Metal
✅【Easy to Install, Clean】
✅【Durable & Nontoxic】
✅【Two door design】
✅【365 Days Warranty & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 】
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We collected a lot of customer feedback and designed the medium dog crate fence according to their suggestions.

When you get home from work, the dog always happily run to your side, snuggling by your side, making life more interesting!

But are you worried about nowhere to put your dog in the house? The medium dog crate furniture will provide your dog with security and comfort.

Heavy duty fense

the struture made of square tubing which in size 2cm and the thickness more than 0.8mm, the duty even heavier than ordinary crate.

Easy to assemble

One person can finish assembly work on this portable dog fences within 10 minites as well as pack them away due to the rod-connected design.

Covered fense design

For prevent the pet climbing or jumping from the fense, we design this covered playpen. ensure the pet can not get out to destroy your home when you go out.

Outdoor and indoor use

The dog playpen features a powder coating that will help protect against rust and extend its life, which makes it ideal for camping, traveling, use in the yard and in the living room.

Honeycombed Foot treadle

we prepared a honeycombed foot treadle, to preventing the pet directly contact to the floor. and also it can help to leaking the splashed water and food residue.

Back to a Quiet House

When the dog is still a little wary of strangers, you can safely leave your dog in its big and warm wooden dog kennel. The metal grid of dog crate is to isolate the pet and the guest. It greatly protects your dog’s safety and avoid any fright.

By the way, the covered panel can be removed if you do not need it.

medium dog crate

Fense Size:

38.2″(L) X 30.5″ (W) X 31.1″(H)

Frame Tubing Size: 2CM

Net weight: 55lbs

medium dog crate


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