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Rattan cat house – a must for pet owning families

Those who have cats and kittens will definitely want to give their cats a cozy and strong kitty litter, and a rattan kitty bed is a good choice.

The original processing procedures of rattan furniture are quite complicated, after steaming, drying, bleaching color, mildew, disinfection and sterilization and other processes to deal with. Rattan furniture after strict processing, with good flexibility, breathability, natural texture, feel fresh, comfortable and chic!


Rattan cat house

This is our newly designed rattan cat house. It is hand-woven and minimalist in design. The design is also inspired by rattan furniture, so you can also use this cat house-like furniture, it is easy to match your home decoration style. This rattan cat litter is perfect for hot summer days, it’s cool and breathable so your pet won’t feel the heat.



3 holes, very suitable for cats to play without restraint. A takraw ball that allows kittens to play at any time. 1 pad will keep cats comfortable in winter. Add a mat inside the natural rattan nest, the cat can play freely inside, the unique design of the cat enclosure gives enough unique design for the cat.


Rattan cat house

Cats’ claws are really sharp. This kind of rattan weaving can make cats strong and durable, and can be used for leisure and entertainment, making cats’ claws very comfortable.


Environmentally friendly, healthy and practical. The cat bed of rattan is made of pure natural materials, and the construction mode with the concept of green environmental protection is more likely to be loved by pets.

Rattan pet furniture belongs to the leisure furniture products, no matter when and where can always bring people back to the true feeling, so that the home is full of warmth and romantic idyllic atmosphere. With a sense of art, smooth lines, unique craftsmanship, practicality and ornamental in one, can be used as art furnishings. Make home better!



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