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Several simple ways to regulate water quality

For the breeding of ornamental fish, the most critical factor is water quality. Who knows the quality of the fish directly affects the health, reproduction and even life and death. In the process of feeding, how to adjust the water quality of fish is a topic that every fish lover needs to study frequently. Then let’s follow ilemong to take a look at it and introduce several methods of regulating water quality that are easier to achieve.

1. You can breed an appropriate amount of water grass and snails in the fish tank, which makes the ecological environment of the entire fish tank more complete. Water grass and snails have the function of purifying water quality, and can maintain water quality for a long time. It saves the breeder trouble and also provides a healthy water quality environment for the fish.

2. The necessary oxygenation equipment in the fish tank, which is the best way to improve the dissolved oxygen in the water, and also the basic conditions to ensure the growth of fish. The level of dissolved oxygen in water, in addition to directly affecting the respiration of fish, but also seriously affect the fish’s appetite, digestion and absorption capacity, and ultimately affect its growth and development.

3. For the fish tank that needs to be replaced with new water, the water should be exposed to the sun. Now people replace the new water is the choice of tap water or well water, this kind of water has a high chlorine dioxide content, seriously stimulate the breathing of fish gills, affecting the growth and health of fish. Therefore, before replacing the new water, it is necessary to expose the new water to the sun for a few days, remove the chlorine dioxide in the water, and then change the water.

4. Under the premise of not affecting the growth of fish, you can add an appropriate amount of lichen in the water to remove the moss in the water quality, usually need to add some water grass, before entering the tank must be disinfected to kill moss, and return the fish a healthy home.



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