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The dog vest harness how to choose and use?

With more and more people in the city to raise pets, in order to prevent the disturbance of public security, as a dog owner, we should prepare in advance, before having a pet dog should be prevented as well as training the dog to use this kind of aids, in addition to collars used to regulate the action of the collar, the chest and back strap and the leash, but also includes toys to induce the dog to complete the task, as well as reward the dog with food and treats.

Many newbies hesitate to choose a dog leash, so today I’ll talk to you about how to choose the right chest harness for your dog and use it correctly!

First of all, the apparatus used to regulate the scope of action of the dog is divided into collar, chest straps and leashes.

Collars and leashes are very important aids to dog training, and different dogs can choose collars and leashes made of different materials, but be warned, collars can be uncomfortable for the dog’s neck and are easier to break free from, which leads to an inability to effectively control a forward-facing dog, so many owners won’t go for it.

However, the collar will not be eliminated because under the basic collar style, according to the principle of dog behavior training, with some additional design, the collar can become quite suitable for dog training aids.

Leashes can cause damage to the hair on the neck of the dog, and some small dogs can be injured by the impact of the collar on the throat and windpipe.

How to choose the details to be better for the dog? Then remember to pay attention to the following three points Oh ~

1. Try to choose a chest harness that is Y-shaped in front of the chest.

The principle of this and the collar is almost the same, because the dog’s neck inside a variety of organs, if it is a band with a tether, or will take the dog’s neck to cause damage. Carry on choosing a chest harness that is Y-shaped in the front to see the pressure on your dog’s neck. After putting on the chest strap, but also hold the dog to walk a little bit to see the chest strap will not be lifted up to the dog’s neck.

2. The chest strap should not be stuck to the dog’s armpit.

The dog’s armpit is also a relatively fragile place, if stuck in the armpit, walking will limit the dog’s movement.

3. Does not affect the shoulder blades.

Dogs, unlike people, do not have the restriction of the clavicle, giving the dog’s front legs a greater range of motion. As a result, the muscles near the dog’s shoulders tend to become stiff and tight.

dog vest harness

Quickly go to pick the right carrier for your dog, so that not only can effectively control the dog’s actions, but also will not cause harm to the dog Oh!



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