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Two months puppy training methods introduced, so that the training dog is very well behaved.

Many people when they have a dog will give the dog some tasks, when a certain command is uttered, the puppy will be able to complete the corresponding action. Of course, if you want to achieve this effect, then you need to train the dog. Two months puppy training method is what kind of? In fact, it is very simple, first let it identify with you, and then let it understand through simple commands can be.

For the pooper scooper, the most annoying place is the dog does not obey, whether it is the problem of urination and defecation, or a simple command problem, if the dog is not trained when it is small, then after the dog grows up and wants to be trained, it will need to spend a lot of time and energy. When is the best time to train a dog? Around two months is actually the best choice. Today, we will introduce even a month puppy training methods.

First, the cultivation of a sense of identity
In the dog just brought home do not rush to train it, whether it is to teach it to urinate and defecate or a simple command, this time is actually not reliable, after the puppy will be led home, the first thing to do is to give it a name, and then let it identify with the name. In this process, in fact, is to let their own and the puppy between the first to establish a familiar relationship, so that it knows who their own master is.

Second, control the training time
After the puppy is familiar with its own name, you can start training, the first time is to start from the urine and feces, and then a simple command. For the problem of urination and defecation, the puppy just brought home will urinate and defecate anywhere, this time do not be fierce it, as long as the timely clean up is good. If it poops in the required place, then you must praise it.
The control of the training time, in fact, is also very important, a single training time if too long, will reduce the dog’s attention, learning efficiency will decline, so in the training is recommended that each training time is not too long, and then a day can be multiple training. For example, if a day to develop the training time is 20 minutes, then it can be divided into two times to complete the training task, so that the dog to maintain a proper sense of freshness, easier to learn what is taught.

Third, commands and gestures should be simple
In the training of the dog need to pay attention to one thing, that is, the command or gesture to be simple, do not use the same command with more than one gesture or a variety of languages to control, which is easy to let the dog confuse a variety of commands. For example, if you want the dog to sit down, if the first command is in Chinese, then do not change the command to English in the training process, only to keep the command consistent, in order to make the puppy easier to understand.




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