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World Canine IQ Ranking

Smart dogs are partly the result of just the right amount of training by their owners, and partly the talent of the breed itself. The World Federation of Dog Breeders ranked the IQs by combining data from valuable test observations of dogs provided by dog breeders, professional veterinarians, dog training specialists, and dog breeders from all over the world.

First Place: Border Collie
The Border Collie is the first dog in the ranking. It is intelligent, studious, active and observant by nature, and can clearly understand the master’s instructions. The IQ of the Border Collie can be compared with that of a six or seven year old child, and it is able to comprehend the meaning of human language, expressions and gestures. With scientific training, the Border Collie is a superb helper in life.

Second place: Poodle
Poodles are smart, obedient, like to observe, will always stare at the master, see if the master wants to let himself do what, once the master went out will run to your side, want to let you take it, super like to be pampered, you don’t take it out of the house will lie down to be pampered, some people joked that they love to play a little trick to win the master’s favor, is not very smart.

Third: German Shepherd
German Shepherd alert easy to train, sensual, but bad temper Oh, don’t make it angry, remember to hate you don’t care! It has multiple identities in the world: military dog, sheepdog, professional guide dog, police dog, pet dog.

Fourth place: Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever is well-proportioned and powerful, lively and intelligent, friendly and confident. Since it used to be used as a water hunting dog, it now keeps its swimming characteristics and can adapt to any working environment and will always maintain a friendly state.

Fifth place: Doberman Pinscher
The Doberman Pinscher is intelligent, easy to train, and able to watch the house as well as participate in hunting. Walking posture is confident, angry, brave and loyal, its nose is especially powerful, but it is a tracking master!

In fact, the ranking is just for your reference information, everyone trains in different ways and concepts, so it is not a generalization, as long as the owner can cooperate with the appropriate teaching methods, any dog will be very smart.



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