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7 Cat Toys Your Cat Loves to Play With, Do You Have All of Them?

In the face of a variety of cat toys, it can be difficult for parents to figure out what toys they should buy cats will like, today we will share with you most of the cats are difficult to resist the toys. First of all, I give my cat to pick the guidelines of the toy, I would think that the first thing is, the toy should be safe.


1.Multi-tier cat climbing frame

Cat Toys

This cat climbing frame has a specially designed multi-level structure for scratching, climbing, sleeping and exercising. It comes with three perches for easy jumping, two cozy and fluffy hammocks for stretching, sisal-wrapped scratching posts and a hanging play fish, as well as a spacious deluxe nap apartment. Ensure a fulfilling day for your furry friend.


2. Cactus cat scratching post

The cute cat scratching post is covered by natural sisal rope which is harmless and also durable, not only satisfies the scratching instincts of felines but also protects the expensive furniture from sharpening claws.The plush dangling ball could catch the attention and lead to full stretch for adult cats and small kittens, perfect for fun and relaxation.


3.Cat Treadmill

This running wheel for cats is the ideal activity for your cat. , this cat wheel not only helps your cat to play and exercise, but also strengthens muscles and bones.The minimal running noise will not form a disturbing factor in daily life and at night.


4. Cat scratching board with ball

This L-shaped cardboard can be used as a scratching pad or a lounge bed for your cats. It is a better choice for cats to exercise, rest, scratch, stretch to keep overall healthy. The scratcher has a built-in cat toy ball to inspire your cat to chase and play. The track in the cardboard allows cats to push the ball back and forth freely.


5、Cat tunnel

No cat can resist the lure of a cat tunnel, and cats especially love to burrow in them. This cat tunnel is a must-have for leaving your kitten alone, enjoy their own time when you did not accompany her/him. Ideal for multiple cats or dogs to have their own “tunnel bed “without taking over your bed, couch, or other furniture. This pet cat tunnel is very powerful, with brushes for grooming and a sisal surface which is completely harmless to the cat and stimulates the cat’s internal vitality.


6. Cat teaser

Cat Toys

It’s definitely a unique and fresh design as a vase look. Quality sisal and coming with three fishing rod interactive cat scratch toy make kittens love it! In durable sisal material, it offers the perfect surface for your pet to sharpen its claws.


7.interactive cat toy

Cat Toys

This maze box toy is designed as a toy for indoor cats. The toy has a hexagonal shape, with 12 holes, a fluffy tail fixed in the box which rotate different sides randomly. It is practical in effect to attract cats at a suitable speed and to increase the interaction of cats. This interactive toy comes with an extra multifunctional ball which contains bells. The ball can be played inside the maze box toy or separately. The bells inside the ball could continually attract cats.



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