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A quick and effective tutorial on how to potty train your dog is here!

Pet dogs many people like very much, lively and active, well-behaved, loyal, but the dogs daily urination and defecation, is the first time you have a dog the most headache, regular urination and defecation of the dog who do not like it, then how to train a regular have good defecation habits of the puppy? The dog can consciously go to a fixed place to defecate?

First, many puppies eat about half an hour or drink water after fifteen minutes, will urinate and defecate, this time we have to pay attention to vigilance, when you find them on the floor everywhere with their noses sniffing around, that is, looking for defecation of the ground. In addition, the puppies wake up every morning, in most cases will be a bowel movement, we need to do is to report them to a fixed point to go to the place of defecation, and to stay for a while, with a commanding tone of voice to train the puppy to defecate, this habit must be insisted on.

Second, the dogs are more frequent defecation frequency, many people are accustomed to using waste paper to give them a pad for the dogs to defecate, a small number of people with diaper pads, but does not exclude some dogs will like to tear the diaper pads, so it is recommended to use waste newspaper to guide for a period of time, the dogs are like to look for their own flavor before urinating, then we can put a newspaper to suck on the dog’s urine dry do not discard, and then underneath the pads thicker, the next time the dog is found on the ground to look for flavor. Next time when the dog is found on the ground to find the flavor of the time, in a timely manner to hold them on the pre-prepared newspaper, naturally, it will smell the newspaper above the flavor, this time you can not go away, to prevent them from running out, run out of the newspaper will have to hold back and then put it on the newspaper, so that repeated, each time the excretion of cleanup after leaving a newspaper with a little urine to stay to do the next time, basically after three or five days, the dogs will be clear to After three or five days, the dogs will be clear to solve the problem of defecation on the newspaper, then stick to it, a month after the dog has been familiar with the habit then this step is OK, we can also put clean newspapers every day, because after the habit of the dog is not to smell the smell of urine to defecate, but will be looking for the smell of newspapers to urinate and defecate.

Third, to this step is relatively simple, at this time the dog for defecation has been relatively standardized, we only need to slowly reduce the size of the newspaper, two into one, one into half a newspaper, and then change the location of the newspaper, guide the dog to go to the door to defecate, and finally do not use the newspaper, as long as we see the dog looking for the newspaper at the door, then we have to immediately take it to go outside to urinate and defecate. Next is timing, you can fix a few points every day to take the dog out, generally recommended half an hour after meals, or want to excrete can be taken out of the move to take out a unified standard command to guide the defecation to cultivate the dog’s biological clock, subconsciously tell them that this out of a few times to go to the toilet, and then as the dog grows, the number of meals decreases, and go out of the number of times to be reduced, specific can be based on their own dogs, the number of times to go out. Specifically according to their own dog’s situation.

Finally, take out the time to defecate, there will certainly be some puppies playful, will not defecate, then we have to set the time, for example, up to five minutes to solve the urination and defecation, if the dog is indifferent, immediately take it home, shut it into the cage inside, and in a calm and serious tone of voice reprimanded a few sentences, tell them if they do not go to the toilet outside to come back to the next time to go out in order to have a chance to urinate and defecate.

Well, through these steps of understanding and learning, you grasp the basic points of how to train your dog to urinate and defecate?



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