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why is my cat peeing on my bed?

why is my cat peeing on my bed? This is the time for you to guide it patiently, so that the cat knows what it can and cannot do, such as letting the cat pee in the litter box, but never scold him, which not only won’t let it form a habit, but also will be more and more disobedient to your words.

One reason: not neutering the cat
Strategies to deal with it: educate and guide your cat after neutering him. Cats generally divide the territory through their own urine, especially when they are particularly mature during the estrus period, they like to be on the bed and then leave a scent to occupy the place.

Second reason: poor hygiene of the cat litter box.
The strategy to cope with this is to often clean the cat’s litter box. I believe friends will often see that cats often wipe their faces clean with both hands after eating, so cats are a very clean animal. Generally the cat litter box needs to be cleaned up once every two days, if the cat sees its own litter box inside the feces and urine is cleaned up, the mood will become very good, and the next time it will develop a habit, as long as it is peeing and pooping will go to the inside of the cat litter box; however, if it sees that its own feces and urine for several days have not been cleaned up, it will run to your bed to urinate to express its dissatisfaction with you, and at this time the owner only needs to clean up the cat litter box If you have time, it is best to clean the litter box, which has the cat will get used to like to pee in the litter box.

why is my cat peeing on my bed

Third reason: the cat does not like the environment when peeing and pooping.
Strategy: Move the cat’s litter box to a quieter place. No matter what small pets, when they are peeing they want not to be disturbed, also in the cat’s view pooping and peeing is a kind of shy behavior, so she doesn’t like other people to disturb him when he is peeing and pooping. For example, when he is peeing, in the middle of the time, something suddenly appears to scare him, so he will be bored with the environment, so he will not pee within the range you set. When this happens, owners must move their cat’s litter box to a quiet place so that he knows he won’t be disturbed when he pees and poops.

Fourth reason: the cat is dissatisfied with the owner’s poor care.
Coping strategy: The owner should make more time for it. All kinds of animals have their own spirituality, and cats also have their own ideas, he can see whether the owner is concerned about him or cold to him. So for the usual life in general in the treatment of their own cold, the behavior of peeing on the bed is to attract the attention of the owner. Especially those who work friends often keep the cat at home, do not often take it out for a walk, every day just focus on their own commute, in fact, with the family did not have this cat, which is more likely to make the cat in the bed to pee. So don’t forget to care about your cat’s life when we are busy ourselves, because they can also feel this kind of care, and they need this kind of care and attention more than we humans do.

why is my cat peeing on my bed?

Fifth reason: threatened by other pets.
Coping strategy: arrange fixed different spaces for different cats. These situations sometimes mainly happen when there are many pets at home, no matter whether they are eating or playing with toys, there will be fights and quarrels because of the competition. But since the cat itself is more autonomous, he prefers an independent private space. In order to win the owner’s love and attention, he uses the act of peeing on the bed to show his status, because he pees through the smell can determine that this range is the scope of his activities, and also implies that other cats can not occupy his place, which already belongs to his domain. But what can be done to make the cats live in harmony inside a big family? In fact, the solution to this problem is very simple, is to make the things they use to distinguish between them.

Six causes: small problems in the urinary system.
Coping strategy: go to the hospital in time for treatment. Because the urinary system if there is a problem, and cause the cat likes to pee on the bed this behavior is very easy to be found. Generally cats in the body when there are problems will appear leakage, urine, it is easy to go wherever you want to pee, the owner once found this situation must be vigilant, observe the cat whether the cat suffers from urinary system problems.



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