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“Cat Bag” selection – a must-have for cats on the go!

When buying or adopting a cat, you should prepare a hand air box or cat bag, so that the cat does not escape in a moment of nervousness, and inevitably there will be a need to go to the hospital or grooming salon in the future.

There are many types of cat bags for cats, which can be chosen according to individual needs. However, if the cat is easily nervous and even wants to rush out of the cat bag, it is not recommended to use a soft cat bag, which may cause the cat to escape halfway. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a top-opening cat bag because it is convenient for the cat to put in and scratch out.

Today we introduce you to some cat bags, you can find the right cat bag for your own pet.

Semi-open Cat Bags

Well-ventilated design for optimal air circulation, two-way entrance for easy entry and exit, mesh window at the top for more headroom and visibility, and thick, soft fleece pads for resting and relaxing your pet. This backpack is solidly constructed and provides plenty of room for your pet to move around.

cat bag

Two Shoulder Canvas Cat Bag

With plenty of space, cats can lie comfortably inside. Breathable, not stuffy inside. Good privacy, no worry about cat stress.

cat bag

One-shoulder cat bag

Large space, cats can lie down in it, breathable, cats won’t feel stuffy in it. Not suitable for big cats.

cat bag

Cat Kennel

Multiple doors offer easy access and versatility.Steel wire and plastic construction to keep your pet safe.

Trolley cat bag

Very energy saving and can be pulled along . Lots of space, cat can lie down freely .
Suitable for short distance traveling.


Foldable cat bag

a perfect combination of tunnel + bed + carrier, with a built-in plush ball toy, You can use it as a pet carrier on your travels, at home for your pet to play, hide, hunt or a relaxation.

We buy cat bags, we must not just look at the face value, we must consider the safety, breathability, the cat bag that is good for the cat, the cat likes the bag, is the real good cat bag.



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