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how long do house cats live?

how long do house cats live? I believe that every pet owner who owns a cat would like nothing more than for their cat to stay with them for a long time. Today we will look at the cat’s life expectancy list, your cat can accompany you how long?

1, Dragon-Li
Average lifespan: 15-20 years
Dragon-Li are born with good health and adaptability, even if they are rough and tumble, they can live in good health. Strong civet cats generally have a longer lifespan.
However, Dragon-Li cats are not suitable for captive breeding, they generally prefer to run outside, if the home is not sealed windows, it is easy to lose the danger.

how long do house cats live

2, Himalayan cats
Average life expectancy: 12-17 years
The Himalayan cat combines the softness, femininity and responsiveness of the Persian cat with the intelligence and gentleness of the Siamese cat. The Himalayan cat has the body and long hair of the Persian cat, and the fur color and eyes of the Siamese cat, with a beautiful look and a gentle character, which is particularly pleasing to the eye.
The Himalayan cat is a carefully bred breed with excellent physique and a long life span in the cat world.

3. Oriental Shorthair Cat
Average lifespan: 10-15 years
Oriental Shorthair cats are more energetic and usually love to climb high and jump far, as well as play with people. They are not as sensitive and afraid of noise or other peripheral rattles as other cats, which makes them very trouble-free to keep.
There is also the fact that Oriental Shorthair cats are extremely loyal to their owners, they will do whatever they are told and never resist.

how long do house cats live

4. American Shorthair
Average lifespan: 15~20 years
American Shorthair cats are more people keep cats, they are naturally smart, good health, and very deep feelings for humans, especially small children, even if they are hurt by the small master, they will only silently endure, will not rebel, and is a very good growth companion cat.
American Short Cats love to climb and play sports, so you can prepare some cat climbing frames at home for them to play.

5、British Shorthair
Average lifespan: about 13-16 years
British Shorthair cats, like American Shorthair cats, are very popular with pooper scoopers. The “gentle gentleman” is the name given to the British Shorthair cat by cat lovers. Their character is really good, quiet, gentle, and love the master.
However, because the British short cat is prone to obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other diseases, the life expectancy will be slightly shorter than that of the American short cat.

how long do house cats live

6, Bombay cats
Average life expectancy: 12-17 years
Bombay cats, because of the appearance of the Indian leopard, also known as the small black leopard. Bombay cats look serious, in fact, the personality is very gentle, and mature and stable, not afraid of life, but also especially like to get along with humans. The Bombay cat will keep purring when it is held.
Bombay cats are athletic cats, they often jump, climb high and low, energetic, good energy, physical fitness, is a longer life expectancy of cats.

7、Russian Blue Cat
Average life expectancy: 15 to 20 years
Russian blue cats are very similar to the English blue cat, but they are more slender. The Russian Blue cat has a smooth blue coat and charming deep emerald green eyes, looking very noble. They are gentle, quiet, introverted, and do not like to scream, also known as the “silent cat”.
The introverted, sensitive Russian Blue cat needs a long time with its owner.

how long do house cats live

8, folded ear cat
Average lifespan: 8-10 years
Folded ear cats are born with a lot of genetic diseases, so the life expectancy is generally not very long. And the more genetically pure the folded ear cat, the shorter the life expectancy will be. In addition, once a folded ear cat has a disease, there is no cure, only rely on drugs to extend life, and the rest of their lives will be spent in pain.
If you love cats, please do not buy folded ear cats!



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