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Cat tunnel A godsend for improving your cat’s personality

We are much more tolerant of some of the bad behavior of cats, after all, most pet cats live indoors, and it is difficult for them to cause problems for neighbors or pedestrians on the road like dogs do. But even so, it doesn’t mean that all cats are able to get along with their owners. Cats themselves are very careful and cautious species, and their petite selves usually take an attitude of ignoring people they don’t know, and sometimes they even run away. For example, some cats are timid and always afraid of their owner’s approach, always hiding in the corner, controlling their own little territory; some cats are paranoid and can’t accept the appearance of other new things in the house.

Socialization of Cats

A report from Vicky Halls, a cat behavior research organization, shows that problems with a cat’s personality are usually related to the cat’s childhood experiences. The first few weeks of a cat’s life is the beginning of its cognitive world, generally speaking, the cat’s socialization is between two weeks and fourteen weeks, if the cat has not had the experience of playing with others of its own kind during childhood, for it to form the process of social experience will be very slow, because there is no stage of learning how to control their bite and claws best in childhood fights with siblings, it is inevitable that the corresponding problems will be into adulthood.

The expression of unsuccessful socialization

The most marked feature of a well-socialized cat is that it has a good interaction experience with other cats at an early age. This kind of cat is likely to be more friendly than a cat that has never been with other cats. However, these passive behaviors, such as not liking contact with people, being scared to hide when seeing people, and being fond of living in one’s own narrow field, are all manifestations of cats’ lack of self-confidence, that is to say, cats’ socialization is not successful. So how can we improve this phenomenon of cats?

Utilizing the Cat Tunnel

We need to find out what is the best way to combat a cat’s lack of self-confidence, which means we need to help them rebuild their self-confidence. How can we change a cat’s behavior, psychology, and make it more self-confident in its territory? First, we have to start with their hiding territory, many pet friends think that cats are fine as long as they have their own little territory to use for shelter and exploration, in fact, such a perception is misguided. Don’t forget that our ultimate goal is for the cat to re-establish confidence in its territory and thus improve its inactive character, so we must do what we can to create a more positive and interesting little territory for it.

Cat tunnel

This is where cat tunnels come in, which are designed to make cats feel safer and more fun, so they can explore at their own pace. Cat tunnels on the market come in large and small sizes, with single or multiple exits, and no matter what size they are, they all serve to mobilize your cat’s emotions. Cats can play with toys alone in the tunnel, and some cats are afraid of cat tunnels at the beginning, so owners can prepare some of their favorite food at the multiple entrances and exits, so that cats can feel safe and gradually explore their own territory.

Cat tunnel


1, do not put the cat tunnel in the same place all the time, when the cat is very familiar with this, you can adjust the location of the cat tunnel in due course.

2, if the cat likes the low place, then the placement of the cat tunnel should be biased towards the high place, because the cat’s original nature should be to climb to the high place, we can do to slowly improve this phenomenon.

3, for multi-cat families, it is best to prepare multiple entrances and exits of the cat tunnel, so as to ensure the psychological balance between the cats, and promote their harmonious coexistence.

4, the cat tunnel is not the only way to improve the cat’s character, the owner should also prepare other methods and cat toys to assist together.



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