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Cat Towers latest model!

The variety of cat toys is on the rise and with it comes a diversity of choices. Cat owners are willing to spend a little more for toys that keep their cats active. But cat towers have always been an essential piece of furniture for homes with cats. Now we introduce you to several new designs of cat towers.

When researching cats behavior, we found that cats love elevation, cozy retreats, areas to groom, and items for recreation. That’s why our cat furniture caters to cats’ natural instincts and allows cats to enjoy these amenities, including nonstop fun and relaxation.



The 50in Cat Tree offers multiple top-quality perching platforms and free cat litter box. Whether your kitten wants to stretch out on a spacious perch, curl up in a plush cave room, or release the urge to scratch on a sisal pole, this multi-purpose cat tree tower is perfect as a relaxation haven that can fill your fur baby’s day with fun and excitement! Gives them a unique way to play and have fun!



This 55″ Scratching Posts All-in-One Multi-level Cat Tree Tower will not let you down. With a large top perch, a hammock bed and a spacious cat cave condo. our cat tree house can accommodate 2-3 cats at once. Both young and old cats can easily climb up and down by way of the middle hole designed in the center of the board.

There are also 4 scratching posts covered with 100% natural sisal, so your lovely cat can scratch whenever they like. Made of solid, strong particle board with a soft and plush covering, this high-quality cat tree is durable and long-lasting. A stair-like multi-level design will allow kittens and adults to easily climb up and down. This large-sized cat tree tower is suitable for all cats to play and sleep on. An extra anti-topple strap attached to the top perch will enhance stability and safety.



Floor to Ceiling 6 Tiers Cat Tree with Litter Box, Adjustable Height 90.6″-110.2″ [230-280CM] Modern Cat Tower with 6 Tiers, Litter Box Enclosure Scratching Post for Indoor Cats Brown/Beige includes all the cat climbing essentials with a bonus – a free foldable litter box! 6 Tiers Cat Tree is adjustable height and secure design provide stability and safety for your furry buddy while they explore, scratch, rest, and play. Plus, it doubles as stylish storage cabinet furniture, too.





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