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What are the benefits of using a dog ramp?

Dr. Travis Atkins, DVM, is an emergency veterinarian and co-founder of SquarePet Nutrition, Inc.” Dr. Atkins says, “For example, my wife and I’s first ‘child’ was a Boston Terrier named Harley, who as a puppy was able to jump from the floor to the middle of the bed and back down again without hesitation.” However, more than a decade has passed, and when he can’t jump over the height of the bed, there are scenes reminiscent of daredevils hitting the wall. Dog ramp become a must as your dog ages.

If your older dog continues to jump as he did as a puppy, it could lead to pain or even injury.” Dr. Atkins says, “Ramps, stairs or special furniture placement are extremely important for any impaired dog.

stair ramp for dogs


If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to learn about dog ramps and pet stairs. Here’s an overview of dog ramps and how to choose the right one.

Avoid slipping because we already know that when our dogs make some jumps, they can be inaccurate and fall back to the ground. So in this case, a dog ramp will avoid all these problems.

THEY CAN RISE OR FALL TO A HIGHER PLACE: If your dog is small or a bit old, it will be difficult for him to get on the sofa or even on the bed. Therefore, extra help never hurts.


dog ramp


You don’t have to hold it: If you have to carry him in your arms every time he wants to get on the sofa, with the ramp you don’t have to anymore. So it also gives the dog more freedom.

It will avoid back pain: everyone knows that some breeds of dogs are prone to back problems, as well as bone or joint problems. Sometimes they are the smallest breeds in size. Your discs may harden and become more fragile. Until then, they will need a ramp.

dog ramp

SENIOR DOG COMFORT: If small children need it, double the big ones anyway. They have certainly had a lot of wear and tear in their lives and now they need a quieter few years. Therefore, we avoid efforts at all times.

HELPING DOGS WITH ARTHRITIS: If they suffer from this disease and still jump around during the day, they can be in a lot of pain. Therefore, stopping this is in our hands.


dog ramp

The most common uses for dog ramps: bed or couch. This is something we’ve already mentioned, but if we consider the uses of dog ramps, it comes to mind again. This is what all animals want to do. When they get on the bed or sit on the couch they have to take a big step, but that doesn’t always work out well. Because Depending on the breed and even age, it can lead to back problems, general bone and even neck problems .



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