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Newbie cat ownership tips, these are the elements to master!

Cats are known for their loveliness, so more and more people feed cats, for those who have experience in feeding pooper scoopers, they naturally know how to feed their cats well, but for those who want to feed their cats but do not have the slightest experience, they don’t know how to become a qualified pooper scooper, and today we have compiled a newbie cat guide for you, and I hope it can be helpful to the new pooper scooper in the confusion!

When we bring our beloved cats home, do not rush to establish a relationship with the cat, must be the first time to take the cat to see the veterinarian Oh, after giving the cat to do a complete routine examination, we can clearly understand the cat’s physical health status, if the cat has not been done to deworming, we have to ask the veterinarian in time to deworming, if the cat needs to be injected into the vaccine, then it is best to give the cat injected into the vaccine.

After returning home from the pet hospital checkup, we can place the cat inside the prepared nest. Since cats are not the kind of animals that are self-compatible, we need to be patient with the cat and make sure to give the cat plenty of time to familiarize itself with the environment, and it’s not too late for us to be intimate with the cat when the cat has gradually adapted to the nest that we’ve prepared for it.

When feeding the cat, we need to give the cat to choose natural high-quality cat food, but also specifically for the cat to buy a bowl to eat and drink the bowl, just at the beginning we may not know how much the cat needs to eat a meal, this time we can feed a few times to observe the cat’s eating situation, after a few days of attempts, we know how much to give a meal to the cat cat to eat cat food la.

Finally, we also need to prepare the cat litter and cat litter box, the current market is very many cat litter and cat litter box, so we may not know how to choose when buying, in fact, we only need to pay attention to one thing, that is, do not buy too dusty. We hope that the above tips will help you, and wish you a happy cat ownership!



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