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What to do if your dog doesn’t cooperate with training? A good method will get twice the result with half the effort

Dogs seem to be well-behaved, but if we do not have scientific training for dogs, then the dog’s nature will be exposed, such as indiscriminate urination and defecation, indiscriminate tearing of things at home, frequent attacks on strangers, etc., a lot of shoveling officers can recognize the need to train the dog, but the training of dogs related to the common sense is not very clear, so always feel that the dog is not very cooperative with the training, then How should this problem be solved? Here we learn together.

In fact, the reason why the dog will not cooperate with the training, mainly because we do not grasp the correct method of training dogs, in the training of the dog, we do not blindly start, the first need to let the dog to find their own name sense of identity, in short, to let the dog know what their name is, the beginning of the dog may not react to our call, but we try a few times more after the dog After we try a few more times, the dog will look to us after hearing his name, and then we have to give the dog a reward in time, so that the dog will have a sense of identity with his own name.

In addition, in the training of the dog should not be stingy with our praise, regardless of the dog’s progress is small or large, we have to be the first time to give praise, praise the dog’s tone of voice to be pleasant, in order to allow the dog to fully realize that we are satisfied with them, of course, in the praise of the time should not only praise with words, but also appropriate to give the dog some of its favorite snacks, which will greatly improve the dog’s The dog will be able to greatly improve the dog’s cooperation degree Oh.

If we have no problem with the training method, but the dog’s cooperation is still not high what is going on? This time we have to reflect on the length of the training, many shoveling officers are particularly anxious to achieve better training results in a short period of time, so every day to spend a lot of time to train the dog, but do not know, the training time is too long will cause the dog’s rebellious mentality, resulting in the dog’s degree of cooperation becomes low, so we must grasp the length of the training.

Many pooper scooper found that the dog does not cooperate with the training will want to send the dog to the pet training center, in fact, do not have to do so, we only need to follow the above solutions to improve the dog’s cooperation can be, because we train the dog’s process is in fact with the dog gradually familiar with the process of establishing feelings, so we had better do it, only then can be as soon as possible with the dog close to up!



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