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Pet Indoor Home Guide! Hurry up and buy for your pet!

Pet Indoor Home Guide!

More and more fur kids are coming into our lives and becoming part of our family. As dutiful and conscientious owners, we of course want to provide beautiful homes for these little darlings!

Pets spend most of their time on the floor, picking the floor can give priority to wear-resistant laminate flooring. Floor color can be based on pet hair to choose shades, try to hide the hair fall. Carpet color selection is also the same reason, of course, pick a powerful vacuum cleaner is the most important.

Places like table legs or sofa feet can be wrapped with protective cat scratching boards. If you feel that it affects the aesthetics, you may want to pick some stylized cat scratching boards to decorate the space and attract the cat at the same time, reducing the damage to other furniture.

Pet Indoor

If you have enough space and want to save money, a cat climbing frame can solve all the problems.

Pet Indoor

Hidden form pet residence is absolutely perfect choice, by the way, it can also hide the pet’s supplies and toys, etc., to maintain a fresh and clean visual effect.

Pet Indoor

For larger pets, a cozy cushion in the living room or in a corner can look especially welcoming. The color of the upholstery should not be too abrupt and should be in harmony with the surrounding furniture.

Pet Indoor

Don’t forget to match it with wall paintings and greenery, as the pet’s residence is also a decorative focal point. A few touches around the house can better integrate the nest into the home environment, but also low-key highlights the homeowner’s attention to every corner.

Pet toys

With the development of pet homes, more and more designers are focusing on this area, combining the needs of pets and humans, and designing a series of beautiful and practical pet furniture, so that we have more beautiful choices.

If you want to know more about pet home design, we recommend that you can take a look at “Pet-tecture: Design for Pets” published by Phaidon Publishing Company, which contains many pet homes from the hands of masters, covering cats, dogs, and even fish, chickens, and other pet supplies full of design.

Pet Indoor

Briefly share some of the designers’ work.

Yoh Komiyama

Yoh Komiyama has designed a climbing toy for cats, a cylindrical dowel with a marble base that fits easily into a modernist home like an art deco piece.
Each cylindrical post offers glimpses of angles between them, conveying the mutual presence of cat and human, maintaining a hidden connection between the two for a more intimate relationship.

Tuft + Paw

This functional cat climbing frame from Tuft + Paw consists of a slide, rope, and perch. Great for cats to play and sleep on.

Doing what we can to give our pets a simple happiness is a promise that many pet owners make silently. Because of their companionship, we are never alone again.

The perfect way to pamper them is to build a home that belongs to you and to them. ❤️




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