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Best Pet Car Seats!

Putting your dog in the back doesn’t save you any trouble. It doesn’t matter if your car has leather seats, or some co-branded premium fabric seats, naughty dogs don’t care about that. Paw prints are randomly left on the seats. And, this is not safe for dogs at all! Adults still have seat belts, children also need safety seats to protect, not to mention the lively and active dog. But a sharp braking, the dog is likely to be like a bomb soared to the front , and then it is too late to cry. So, to solve this problem, you can choose the following pet car seats:

1. Car rear pet cushion box
You may want to consider using a rear pet crate. This equipment is similar to a hanging box, can be mounted on the back seat, the dog can move in it.

pet car seats
2. Pet Seat Belt
Of course, the pet cushion box and the pet seat belt together with the use of a better match Oh Oh. Pet safety belt is similar to the dog leash, can be tied together with the car’s pet safety belt to ensure that the dog has a certain range of activities, but also not to jump up and down. In case of violent impact and shock, but also to assist the dog to maintain body balance.

3. Car pet safety basket
If your pet is small, you can consider using the car safety basket, front and rear seats can be put. This ensures that pets will not run around, to ensure safety, but also to prevent pets from distracting you from driving.

pet car seats
4.Car pet barrier
This is specifically designed for SUVs pet supplies. Although the SUV trunk space is large, but the dog naughty up will inevitably harass your back seat. At this time you can choose to isolate the barrier, effectively isolate the dog and the rear seat, safe and convenient.



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