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How to clip your cat’s nails, with more focus on these aspects!

Many people have cats in fact is to be bored when you can tease the cat, but if the cat’s nails are particularly long and sharp, then we are very easy to be scratched by the cat when we tease the cat, so we had better regularly trim the cat’s nails, in order to prevent us from being accidentally injured when we are in close contact with the cat, but that said, in fact, there are a lot of shoveling officers do not know how to give the cat to cut the nails!

In fact, to cut the cat’s nails is like cutting the nails of a child, we first need to gain the trust of the other party, otherwise, if we force it, it will certainly be resisted, so we should pinch the cat’s feet from time to time when we play with the cat, so that it knows that pinching the feet won’t hurt, and when the cat is used to this action, when we cut its nails, its cooperation will be much higher.

When the cat is good with the cat, we should not let down our guard, in the cat nail clipping should still fix the cat, if you can’t do it by yourself, it is best to ask your family to help, a person is responsible for fixing the cat, a person is responsible for trimming the nails, after fixing the cat, we have to gently press the cat’s paw, so that it can stretch out its nails, and after that, quickly trim the sharp nails can be good.

Need to pay attention to three points when cutting the cat’s nails, one is to choose the cat-specific nail clippers, because the shape of the cat’s nails and the shape of the human nails are not the same, if you use human nail clippers to cut the cat’s nails, it will lead to injuries to the cat; secondly, after cutting the cat’s nails in a timely manner to give the cat some of its favorite snacks to let it know that cooperation with the cutting of the nails will get rewarded, so that the cat will like to cut the nails.

I believe that through the above introduction, we already know how to cut the cat’s nails, but the cat is a kind of not very good control of the animal, so we must be careful when we cut the cat’s nails, if in the process of cutting nails inadvertently let the cat was injured, then be sure to stop the bleeding and disinfection, and if the wounds are relatively large, then we should take the cat to see a veterinarian in a timely manner.



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